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House System

A School functions best with immense will, incredible vigor and infinite passion. Here in Smt Maniba Chunilal Patel Sanskar Vidya Bhavan we encourage each student to live up to his/her own utmost ideal and struggle for brilliance in their preferred activity. To ensure this, there is a House System in the School.

The objective behind the House System is to inculcate a spirit of excellence amidst healthy competition amongst students of different houses thereby fabricating strong distinctive personality in each student.

The school is divided into three houses:Aurobindo,Vivekananda and Tagore. Each house has a HouseMistress to guide the students. InterHouse Competetions are held regularly for various activities. The Three Houses Aurobindo,Vivekananda and Tagore are recognized by their Distinctive colour which establishes its uniqueness.

Aurobindo House
The Aurobindo House (Red) stands for power, authority and the ability to stand on its own.

Vivekananda House
The Vivekananda House (yellow) stands for selfless service and supreme sacrifice.

Tagore House
The Tagore House ( Blue) stands for truth, sincerity and morality in an individual's character.

Each class has a harmonious blend of students belonging to these three houses. The idea is to give proper training to the students, enhance their dignity and inculcate team spirit, assistance, mutual understanding and a spirit of companionship

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