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Sanskar Bharati Trust felicitates CBSE X and XII Board Toppers of SMCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan

Sanskar Bharati Trust proudly felicitated the top three board rankers of SMCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan for their outstanding achievements in the CBSE X and XII board examinations. The event was a celebration of academic excellence and a testament to the dedication and hard work of the students.

The ceremony honored Zoya Shaikh, Devanshi Satani, Nishta Kher of Std X and Harsh Patil ,Shatabdi bera and Anushja Tiwari of Std XII with certificates and token gifts, acknowledging their exceptional performance. It was a moment of immense pride for the school and the community to recognize these bright young minds.

One of the highlights of the event was the felicitation of Zoya Shaikh, who secured the second rank in the CBSE X board examination in Bharuch district.Equally commendable was Harsh Patil, who topped the CBSE XII board examinations with an impressive score of 94%. and perfect score of 100 out of 100 in Chemistry.

The event was graced by the presence of Shri J.K. Ruia, Trustee of Sanskar Bharati Trust, who expressed his pride in the students' accomplishments. Campus Director Shri Kulwant Marwal, Administrator Jasmin Modi, and Principal Shailja Singh also graced the ceremony, offering their congratulations and encouragement to the students.

The felicitation ceremony not only celebrated the academic accomplishments of these students but also inspired their peers to strive for excellence. The Sanskar Bharati Trust remains committed to supporting and nurturing young talents, fostering an environment where students can achieve their highest potential.

Pariksha Par Charcha 2024

On January 29, 2024, students and teachers participated in the virtual edition of Pariksha Par Charcha. in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed participants, sharing valuable insights on handling exam pressure and embracing a well-rounded approach to education. The interactive sessions allowed students and teachers to directly engage with the Prime Minister, fostering a sense of connection and encouragement. The event showcased the commitment to educational well-being . Overall, it was a successful endeavor in promoting a positive mindset and effective study habits among the attendees.


Our students have brought immense pride by not only conquering the state-level tournament but also competing at the national level in the School Games at Vellore.

Krisha Topiwala displayed exceptional talent in soft tennis, and Arya Patel showcased strategic brilliance in chess. Today, both are being recognized and honored by the District Collector during the District Republic Day Celebration for their remarkable achievements. .

Winners of The Ramanujan Challenge 2024

The outstanding achievement of Jahnvi Sinora from Std V, who has not only participated but has secured an impressive National Rank V in The Ramanujan Challenge 2024.Congratulations to Jahnvi for shining brightly at the national level.

Spell Bee- Global recognition

Our students have registered Global Excellence in Spell Bee by being awarded with Certificates of Distinction .A moment of pride as our students, Aarav Pal and Abhinav Pawar (Std II), Jahnvi Sinora (Std IV), Yakshit Sahani and Virajsinh Parmar (Std V), and Dhiraj Pawar (Std IX), have achieved Certificates of Distinction in the international Spell Bee competition for the academic year 2022-23. Congratulations to these exceptional spellers for their global recognition and commitment to linguistic excellence.

Winners of Olympiads

VIRAJSINH RAVIRAJSINH PARMAR of Std V has secured Zonal Rank 1 in the Social Studies Olympiad 2022-23

JAHNVI PUSHPENDRASINH SINORA of Std IV, clinched State Rank 12 in the I R A O 2022-23

CBSE Regional level KHO-KHO tournament

In an extraordinary feat of sportsmanship, our Kho Kho team has etched an unparalleled legacy, maintaining an undefeated record at the CBSE Regional level tournament for an impressive 13 consecutive years. This remarkable achievement encompasses competition from states such as Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Daman, Diu, Dadar and Nagar Haveli.

► Jal Vasava

► Swayamsin Parmar

► Purav Rana

► Manan Gor

► Avinash Joshi

► Dhruvit Gohil

► Pal Mistry

► Satyakam Diwedi

► Shaurya Vanja.

► Anay Patel

► Vishv Shah

► Rudra Padhiyar

Congratulations to our exceptional team on this remarkable achievement!

CBSE Regional Level Athletic Meet.

Avinash Joshi's exceptional performance in the 1500m race earned him a silver medal, securing a coveted spot in the CBSE national competition.

Winners of Open Karate Tournament

In a display of martial arts skill, our karate students have brought laurels to the school by securing various medals in state-level competitions.

Prakshi Gadhiya of Std IV bagged gold in Kata

Deepal K Motwal of Std IV bagged gold in Kata and silver in kumete.

Deepali. K. Motwal of std IV bagged bronge in kumete.

Etisha dev of Std V bagged bronge and Bhavya Soni of Std X bagged bronge in their respective weight categories at Gujarat Open Karate Tournament held at Vadodara.

School Cricket Team Triumphs in District Cricket Tournament

The school cricket team achieved a remarkable victory, lifting the Champions trophy in the District Cricket Tournament organized by the Bharuch Cricket Association . Outshining 20 teams, they displayed exceptional skills.

Notably, the team secured individual honors with the Man of the Match, Best Bowler, and Best Batsman trophies. To add to the triumph, the team was awarded a cash prize of Rs 10,000.

Felicitated at Bharuch District Independence Day Celebration by Bharuch Collector and MLA

Krupa Mahendra Prajapati of Smt MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan was felicitated at Bharuch District Independence Day Celebration by Bharuch Collector Shri Tushar D Sumeira and MLA Shri Arunsinh Rana.

She was honored for her selection by BCCI from Gujarat for the U-15 Women's Cricket Trophy Season 2022-23. This recognition highlights her talent and dedication in the field of cricket.

Open Karate Championship

Etisha Dev of STD. V showcased her skill and determination by securing a bronze medal at the Independence Day Open Karate Championship held in Vadodara.

Winners of District Yoga Competition

District Yoga Competition by sports association on 13th August 2023 in Dr. BR Ambedkar Hall, Bharuch

Sohan Ramani
8th STD
Traditional yoga-1st
Artistic yoga-2nd

Vansh Saini
5th STD
Traditional yoga-2nd
Artistic yoga-1st

Nishi Patel
8th STD
Artistic yoga-1st

Winners of Inter school singing competition

Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan Students bagged 2nd Position in Interschool Patriotic Singing Competition held on 12th August 2023 by Rotary Club of Bharuch.


Smt MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan achieved remarkable success by winning 'The Best School' trophy in the Bharuch Youth Parliament organized by the Rotary Club of Bharuch from 11th August 2023 to 13th August 2023 ,outshining 27 participating schools.

Devanshi Dangarwala of Std X was honored with The Best Delegate Award, while Daivik Gadhvi of Std IX received The Best Parliamentarian Award. Additionally, Kahan Ramani of Std X and Kanishka Chotani of Std IX were recognized with a Special Mention Award for their outstanding performances.

Kho-Kho Coaching Summer Camp By Sports Authority Of Gujarat 2023

Summer Camps not only boost the Health and fitness of young sportspersons but also support young players at every level to improve their skills and techniques while ensuring plenty of fun.

Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan organized Kho-Kho Summer Coaching Camp in association with Sports Authority Of Gujarat from 1st May to 10th May 2023.

75 Students, 35 Girls & 40 Boys of Std. III to IX from various Schools participated in the Kho-Kho Summer Camp.

The Students were trained with the philosophy that focuses on progression over perfection. Defensive and Chasing position drills, along with proper stretching and warm-ups occurred each day along with lots of fun.

All participants received Certificates, T-shirts and Caps from Sports Authority Of Gujarat. Under the able expertise of National Level Kho-Kho Coach Mr. Mahendra Patanvadia, National Level Yoga Coach Mrs. Jagruti Jadhav and other Sports Teachers the young players returned home with improved skills, renewed confidence and self esteem both on and off the field.

Durva Modi - A Role Model For All

The Management, Teachers And the Staff Members of Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan are Very Very PROUD of DURVA MODI, the Student of Std IV B for her unparallel Social Service.

She was appreciated by the CHIEF MINISTER OF GUJARAT SHRI BHUPENDRA PATEL on 20th April 2023 for her noble deed of collecting ₹ 22,000 for the Education of the 40 poor girls of MTM Govt. Girls High School and many other Acts of Charity.
Many Congratulations to Durva and her Parents!

Winners of Inter School Chess Championship 2022

The Chess Wizards of Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan have brought laurels to our school by playing brilliantly in the Interschool chess championship 2022' organized by District Chess Association of Bharuch in DPS on 3rd December.

The Positions secured by the students are-
U-11 Boys - Shreyansh 1st Position
U-14 Girls Aarya Patil 1st Position
U-17 Girls Navya Dinkar 1st Position
U-17 Girls Nishtha Kher 3rd Position
U-9 Boys Aarav 1st Position
U-17 Boys Aditya Dum 1st Position
U-17 Boys Atharva Dum 3rd Position
U-14 Boys Marg Shah 2nd Position
U-14 Boys Aarya Patil 1st Position
U- 11 Girls Kavya Mehta 1st Position

GNFC Science Exhibition 2022

Science exhibition is an interface of science and society and it contributes towards creating awareness about science as well as creating enthusiasm in students.

A Science Exhibition was organized on 17th and 18th December 2022 in the GNFC Science Community Centre. The Students of Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan participated in all the events enthusiastically.

The objective of the Science Exhibition was not only to inculcate a scientific attitude and research- mindedness among Students but also to enhance Student’s interest in science and technology. The students showcased static and working models, which could be used for teaching and learning scientific concepts.

Along with Science Projects, many more Competitions were also held such as Drawing, Poster Making, Group Discussion, Do it yourself, Robo Race, Origami, etc. The motive of these events were to enhance the talent, ability and creativity among the students.

The Students of Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan performed brilliantly and won many accolades for the School.

Dhyan Patel VI C Drawing Competition- 2nd Position
*Shraddha Patil XC Poster Making Competition- 1st Position
*Vansh Sattadish & Prakhar Prajapati VI B Do it yourself- 2nd Position
*Sujal Patel & Dehina Yadav X Science Project- 2nd Position
*Kinnary Dodiya & Maitri Solanki XI Science Project- 1st Position.Kinnari Dodiya also shared her two days experience of science exhibition to audience.

Grand Entry Of U-19 Boys Kho-Kho Team In The CBSE National Level Kho-Kho Tourna

U-19 Boys Kho-Kho Team of Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan registered a striking victory by thrashing all the participating schools of Varodara, Surat and Ahmedabad and thus qualifying for the National Level Kho-Kho Tournament to be held in Sangrur, Punjab.

The Boys Team with their Sports Teachers Ms. Kesha Patel, Mr. Mahendra Patanvadia and Mrs. Jagruti Jadhav participated in the CBSE Cluster XIII Regional Level Kho-Kho Tournament in Green Valley Public School, Varodara from 1st December to 4th December 2022.

The players of Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan with their electrifying speed and quick thinking and other techniques, notched up a dominating victory by winning all the Eight Matches in the league and scored the Highest Score of 18 points.

U-19 Boys Kho-Kho Team is as follows:
1. Jal Vasava (Captain)
2. Swayamsinh Parmar
3. Dhruvit Gohil
4. Vishv Shah
5. Rudra Padhiyar
6. Pal Mistry
7. Satyakam Dwivedi
8. Dhairya Maharaul
9. Anay Patel
10. Manan Gor
11. Shourya Vanza
12. Dharmayu Jadhav

JAL VASAVA was awarded as the 'BEST ATTACKER' and VISHWA SHAH was awarded as the 'BEST DEFENDER' of the Series.

Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan Parivar is proud of its Boys Kho-Kho Team and wishes them Good Luck for their National Level Kho-Kho Tournament to be held in Punjab.

Silverzone English And Science Olympiad 2022

SpellBee International' is a revolutionised way of teaching English by applying a unique learning model – S.L.E.P (Strategic Language Enhancement Programme). With the same objective 23 Students appeared in Level 1 SpellBee International Examination on 17th October 2022.

Silverzone English And Science Olympiad 2022

Olympiads strengthen students’ subject knowledge. These are the best exams where students can apply their knowledge to answer questions and help students to master fundamentals.

SilverZone English and Science Olympiads were held at Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan on 15th and 17th November 2022 respectively in which 20 students participated in each Olympiad.

Interschool Chinmaya Mission Geeta Chanting Competition

Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan hosted Interschool Chinmaya Geeeta Chanting Competition on 12th October 2022. The event was presided by Swamiji Deveshananda, the Principal of Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan Mrs.Sharmila Das, a panel of six eminent Judges, Teachers and Students of various schools.

The aim of Geeta Chanting Competition was to inculcate the teachings of Shri Bhagavad Geeta in Students at a young age to improve values, increase their memory power and help in concentration, thus improving their quality of life.

The Principal in her welcome address explained that the teachings of Shri Bhagavad Geeta is a manual for living life. By assimilating and practicing the teachings of Shri Bhagavad Geeta one can make his life purposeful.

Swamiji motivated the students to make Shri Bhagavad Geeta an integral part of their lives. Swamiji showered his blessings and imparted his worldly knowledge through stories.

A total of 115 students of different schools of Bharuch took part in the Chinmaya Gita Chanting Competition. They chanted different slokas of Chapter 3 - 'Karmayog' in front of the panel of six Judges with great devotion.

Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan Shines In Khelmahakumbh 2022

Khel Mahakumbh - an initiative of our visionary Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has revolutionized the sports ecosystem in Gujarat. It encompasses 36 general sports and 26 para sports. Over 45 lakh sportspersons had registered for the 11th Khel Mahakumbh 2022.

The Young Sportspersons of Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan have showcased their energy and enthusiasm by securing the Winner's Position in various Individual and Team Sports.

Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan was declared as the 3rd Best School in Bharuch District for its glorious performance in Khelmahakumbh 2022.

The State Government of Gujarat felicitated Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan by awarding a Cash Prize of Rupees Ten Thousand in the Validictary Ceremony on 16th September 2022.

'TD' Vaccination Campaign At Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan

As per the directions of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, 130 students of Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan, aged 10 years and 16 years were vaccinated with Td Vaccine Booster Dose - a combination of 2 vaccines used to prevent Tetanus and Diphtheria on 10th September' 2022.

Achievements In Kalamahakumbh (District Level)

The state government of Gujarat organises Kalamahakumbh featuring Folk music, Dance, Arts and Crafts and various competitions to promote local cultures.

Students of Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan after qualifying the 'Kalamahakumbh Taluka Level', showed their marvelous performances at 'Khelmahakumbh District Level' and secured the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Positions in various Art, Craft and Musical Events.

Bharatnatyam - 1st Position - Aesha Trivedi (Std. X)
*Organ - 1st Position -
Tiyasha Bhowmick (Std. III)
*Sastriyaka Kantha Sangeet - 1st Position -
Kanha Buch (Std. X)
*Craft - 2nd Position
Shresth Kumar Shaw (Std. IX)
*Samuha Geet - 3rd Position
•Names of Samuha Geet Students:
Etisha Dev - Std IV
Yati Tale - Std. VI
Prarthana Pathak - Std. VII
Yashwa Kabrawala - Std. VIII
Trisha Majmudar - Std. VIII
Palak Kadam - Std. VIII

Smt.MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan is very proud on their success for bringing laurels to the school.

Achievements In District Level Yoga Competition

Yoga is the conjunction of mind and body which incorporates meditation, breathing exercises, and stretches to allow stress reduction, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

Students of Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan participated at District Level Yoga Competition on 21st August' 2022. Exquisite Yoga postures were exhibited by the students. They moved their flexible bodies from one pose to another effortlessly and seamlessly.

The Winners of District Level Yoga Competition are:
*Under 14 Boys -
•Sohan Ramani bagged 1st Position in Traditional and Artistic Yoga
•Vansh Saini secured 2nd Position in Traditional and Artistic Yoga
*Under 14 Girls -
•Nishi Patel got 3rd Position for Traditional and Artistic Yoga
*Under 17 Girls -
•Abhilasha Deshmukh secured 2nd Position in Artistic Yoga

Kalamahakumbh Achievements

Kalamahakumbh is an initiative of the State Government to promote Arts in Education by nurturing and showcasing the Artistic talent and Skill development of school students.

Students of Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan participated in Kalamahakumbh 2022 (Taluka Level) on 28th August in Anand Niketan School and performed Visual and Performance Arts.

Achievements In Kalamahakumbh (Taluka Level):
Samuha Geet - 1st Position
Bhajan - 3rd Position Swara Patel
Harmonium - 2nd Position Het Radia
Bharatnatyam - 1st Position Aesha Trivedi
Vakrutva Spardha - 3rd Position Rahee Jagdishwala

Freedom Cup Debate Competition 2022

Interschool Debate Competition - 'Freedom Cup 2022' was held at Chandrabala Modi Academy Ankleshwar on 17th August 2022. 12 Schools and 36 Students from all over Gujarat participated in the Debate Competition - "Breaking Rules For Breaking News".

Aesha Trivedi (Std. X) spoke eloquently and bagged the First Position - Against the motion
Kshitij Gurumoorthy (Std. XII) answered a volley of questions from both the sides and the Judges and was declared the 2nd Runner Up in the Rebuttal Round.

Youth Parliament (Interschool Competition)

Students of Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan participated in Youth Parliament on June 25th & 26th organized by Inner-wheel Club, Bharuch. The Conference brought together over 100 student delegates from 22 schools across Bharuch and Ankleshwar with the intent of developing the leadership qualities of intellectual depth and communication dexterity in the true spirit of democracy and integrity.

Verbal Mention:
•Zoya Shaikh
•Mekhala Shah
•Mahi Patel
•Anushka Deshmukh

Special Mention:
•Krishi Makwana

High Commendation:
•Aesha Trivedi

Spell Bee Achievements

Spelling Bee is a competition in which contestants are asked to spell a broad selection of words, usually with a varying degree of difficulty. To compete, contestants must memorize the spellings of words as written in dictionaries, and recite them accordingly.

Students from Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan participated in various levels and shone out to be winners.

Jhanvi Puspendrasinh Sinora from Std. II was awarded with ‘Certificate of Achievement in Distinction’ with 97 marks in Level 2 in the year 2020.

Jhanvi Puspendrasinh Sinora was also awarded a ‘Certificate of Achievement in Distinction’ with 97 marks in Level 3 in the year 2021.

Jhanvi Puspendrasinh Sinora made a hetrick in her achievements and was awarded with a ‘Certificate of Accomplishment ‘ with 100 marks in Level 4 in the year 2021.

Jhanvi Puspendrasinh Sinora from Std. III was awarded with ‘Certificate of Achievement in Distinction’ with 96 marks in Level 1 in the year 2021.

Jhanvi Puspendrasinh Sinora was also awarded with ‘Acomplishment Category’ with 98 marks in Level 2 in the year 2022

Parmar Virajsinh Ravirajsinh from grade III was awarded with ‘Certificate of Achievement ’ with 58 marks in Level 2 in the year 2020.

Yakshit Lalkrishna Sahani from grade III was awarded with ‘Certificate of Acomplishment in Distinction' with 93 marks in Level 3 in the year 2021.

Yakshit Lalkrishna Sahani was also awarded with ‘Certificate of Acomplishment in Distinction' with 95 marks in Level 4 in th


Our students have put up a remarkable performance with Top Ranks at Class, State, Zonal and Olympiad Levels and brought laurels to the school. They were awarded Certificate plus Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals.

*Maths Olympiad Toppers are:

Std I - Abhinav Pawar
Std II - Harshvardhan Singh Rajput

*English Language Olympiad Toppers are:
Std II - Nitya Patil
Std II - Harshvardhan Singh Rajput
Std II - Kashish Jadav
Std II - Rudra Patel

*General Knowledge Olympiad Topper is:
Std II - Harshvardhan Singh Rajput

iIO Winners (Computer)

Misbah Shaikh 1 Gold
Divyam Singh 1 Gold
Dhiraj Pawar 1 Gold
Yekshit Sahani 1 Gold
Jahnvi Sinora 1 Gold
Rudra Patel 1 Gold
Harshvardhansingh Rajput 3 Bronze

iOM Winners (Maths)

Vihaan Joshi 1 Gold
Jahnvi Sinora 1 Gold
Yekshit Sahani 1 Gold
Vansh Sattadhish 1 Gold
Helly Modi 1 Gold
Patel Sakshi 1 Gold
Krishika Mehta 2 Silver
Sohan Ramani 2 Silver
Dhiraj Pawar 2 Silver
Yash Uphade 2 Silver
Harshvardhansingh Rajput 3 Bronze
Vraj Mistry 3 Bronze
Kahan Ramani 3 Bronze
Ishwari Shah 3 Bronze

iOS21 Winners (Science)

Jahnvi Sinora 1 Olympiad Topper
Harshvardhansingh Rajput 1 Olympiad Topper
Abhinav Pawar 1 Gold
Tirth Chauhan 1 Gold
Vansh Sattadhish 1 Gold
Sohan Ramani 1 Gold
Dhiraj Pawar 1 Gold
Divyam Singh 1 Gold
Daksh Saijwal 1 Gold
Aashvi Patel 2 Silver
Kashish Jadav 2 Silver
Yug Ahir 2 Silver
Swar Patel 2 Silver
Kahan Ramani 2 Silver
Binayak Pradhan 2 Silver
Sarvam Patel 3 Bronze
Rudra Patel 3 Bronze

iOEL21 Winners (English)

Harshvardhansingh Rajput 1 Olympiad Topper
Kashish Jadav 1 Olympiad Topper
Rudra Patel 1 Olympiad Topper
Abhinav Pawar 1 Gold
Ranveer Singh 1 Gold
Yekshit Sahani 1 Gold
Sohan Ramani 1 Gold
Kahan Ramani 1 Gold
Harshil Jhaveri 1 Gold
Raina Parmar 1 Gold
Ishanvi Jadav 2 Silver
Deepali Motaval 2 Silver
Jahnvi Sinora 2 Silver
Dhiraj Pawar 2 Silver
Divyam Singh 2 Silver
Mahi Vyas 2 Silver
Aashvi Patel 3 Bronze
Hitarth Kadna 3 Bronze
Mishika Jana 3 Bronze
Zoya Shaikh 3 Bronze

iOGK21 Winners (General Knowledge)

Harshvardhansingh Rajput 1 Olympiad Topper
Aashvi Patel 1 Gold
Jahnvi Sinora 1 Gold
Swar Patel 1 Gold
Vraj Mistry 1 Gold
Dhiraj Pawar 1 Gold
Divyam Singh 1 Gold
Deepal Motaval 2 Silver
Mishika jana 2 Silver
Arham Shah 2 Silver
Saumyarajsinh Sindha 2 Silver
Yekshit Sahani 3 Bronze
Tanvi Thakor 3 Bronze


Jahnvi Sinora 1 Gold
Yekshit Sahani 1 Gold
Dhiraj Pawar 1 Gold

Social Studies

Jahnvi Sinora 1 Gold
Harshvardhansingh Rajput 2 Silver

Reasoning Aptitude

Harshil Jhaveri 1 Gold

Khel Mahakumbh 2022

Extra-curricular sporting activities are a great way to improve teamwork, leadership and listening skills which translates into strengthened social skills and self-confidence in Students.

Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan keeps no stone unturned to ensure that its Students develop holistically by participating in extra- curricular sports activities like Khelmahakumbh organised by the Sports Authority of Gujarat.

Students participated and won accolades in the following events:

*Kho-Kho Taluka Level (UNDER 17)
•Boys Team - 1st
•Girls Team - 1st

Skating (District Level)-
•Vishva Shah - 500 mtr - 1st
•Vishva Shah- 1000 mtr-1st
•Pal Mistry- 500 mtr - 1st
•Pal Mistry- 1000 mtr -1st

*Table Tennis (District Level)
•Aryan Ghadhvi - 2nd
•Yash Trevedi - 3rd

Athletic (Taluka Level )
• Abhay- Discus Throw - 3rd
• Mahek Bhatt -Discus Throw - 1st
• Mahek Bhatt -Javelin Throw - 1st

Yoga Competition (Taluka Level)-
• Abhilasha Deshmukh - 1st
• Sohan Ramani - 1st

Chess Competition (Taluka level) Under 11 Boys
• Shreyansh Dinkar - 1st
• Marg Shah - 2nd

Chess Competition (Taluka level) Under 14 Girls • Arya Patil - 1st
• Navya Dinkar - 1st

Chess Competition (Taluka level) Under 17 Boys
• Shaurya Shah - 1st
• Aditya Dum - 2nd

Karate (State Level Compitition) at Nadiad
• Bhavya N Soni - 2nd
Silver medal

Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan Shines With Four District Level Winners Of Gujarat STEM Quiz

STEM Quiz is an initiative of GUJCOST (Gujarat Council Of Science &Technology) to encourage the students to explore Science, Technology, Engg and Maths. The Top 10 Students (who scored the highest marks) from each District were declared as the District Level Winners in the STEM Quiz.

Anshul Patel (XII), Sudipta Bala (XII), Siddh Patel (XI), Nancy Shahdadpuri (IX) Of Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan stood among the Top Ten Scorer and were declared the District Level Winners.

All the District Level Winners were felicitated with a Merit Certificate and a Tablet at the Grand Finale Of Gujarat STEM Quiz Program in Vigyan Bhavan at Gujarat Science City, Ahmedabad on 6th March 2022. The district winners would be invited to a boot camp on emerging technologies in near future.

Covid Vaccination Drive At SMCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan

With the launch of the COVID-19 vaccination for adolescents in the nation, SMCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan reached out to their students and parents to create awareness and encourage the students to take the jab.

Displaying gThe Vaccination Camp was organized in the School premises on 6th January 2022 for the Students of age group 15 to 18 Years. An online consent form was sent to the parents, informing them about the vaccination camp to be conducted in the premises.

The Students were registered online and onsite by an elevated mode of registration by the Govt. Health Officials. A record number of 250 Students were vaccinated in the Vaccination program.

District Level Table Tennis Tournament

"All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them."

Displaying great zeal and confidence, Master Aryan Sameer Gadhvi of our school is on the way to make his dreams a reality. He had participated in Open Bharuch District Table Tennis Tournament 2021 organised by Bharuch District Table Tennis Association (BDTTA) held on 19th December and secured the position of Runner up in the category of Boys/U/13/single. Success is a journey not a destination, and he will surely add more accolades to the school as well as his sports career.

National Achievement Survey 2021 At Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan

National Achievement Survey (NAS) - a nation wide drive conducted on the 12th of November, Friday by the CBSE in collaboration with the Gujarat Government, our school Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan was selected as one of the sample schools for Class X.

The District Education Officer, Bharuch - Mr. Navneetbhai Mehta, and the AEI, Bharuch - Mr. Divyeshbhai Parmar, visited our School during the National Achievement Survey and wished the Students success in their future endeavors.

We sincerely appreciate the efforts put in by the DEO and his team. Sanskar Vidya Bhavan Parivar expresses its gratitude towards this positive gesture.

The Observer Ms. Gitanjali Vattathil and the Field Investigator Officer Mr. Pankajbhai Rathawa conducted the survey in a smooth and fair manner.

The survey aimed to assess the competencies developed by the students in Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and English.

14 Teachers from our School were appointed as the Observers of NAS in different schools of Bharuch District who conducted the Survey in a very efficient way.

Nation Builder Award 2021 - Miss. Kesha Patel

It is the supreme art of the Teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and bring out best from the Student. Our Sport's Teacher Kesha Patel excels in this art and has moulded multitude Students to reach glorious heights in Sports and make their presence felt not only at District but State and National Levels.

Her contribution as an educator was acknowledged by Rotary Club of Bharuch and she has been conferred the coveted 'Nation Builder Award 2021' for her valuable contribution as a teacher on the occasion of Teacher's Day.

Chess Wizards Of SMCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan

“A Chess Tournament is a celebration of learning! "

Interschool Chess Tournament is an event that all aspiring young players look forward to as it gives them a chance to test their skills with some of the most competent players of their age group.

JCI Ankleshwar organised Interschool Chess Tournament at District level for the Students of Std. VI to XII at JCI Bhavan, GIDC Ankleshwar on 3rd October 2021.

176 Students participated from various schools of Bharuch. Our team performed brilliantly and secured Top positions in various categories!

*Aditya Dum, Std. IX played in Category: 6 to 9 and scored 1st Position. He was awarded - Cash Reward of ₹ 5000, a Trophy and a Certificate.

Navya Dinkar, Std VII played in Category: 6 to 9 and secured 2nd Position. She was awarded - Cash Reward of ₹ 2500, a Trophy and a Certificate.

Shaurya Shah, Std. X played in Category: 10 to 12 and scored 2nd Position. He was awarded - Cash Reward of ₹ 2500, a Trophy and a Certificate.

Atharva Dum, Std IX secured 5th Position. We applaud the Winners for their outstanding performances and wish them well as they persist with their favourite game Chess!

Interschool Competition At BDMA

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

Students learn by doing. For that it is mandatory to involve them in Extra-curricular Activities. To motivate the students, Bharuch District Management Association (BDMA) under its Student Forum, had organised Online Interschool Competition- "Art: The language of feelings" in June 2021.

The competition comprised of two sections-
1) Drawing Cartoon on- "Effect of pandemic on our lives."
2) Making a Video/Gif on- "Positivity: the best remedy to Covid-19.”

Four students of our school who participated in Cartoon making are:
Het Radia-IXB
Aditya Dum-IXA
Shraddha Patil-IXC
Aastha Patel-IXA

Two students who represented our school in Video Making are:
Aesha Trivedi - IX A
Pavani Ambaliya - IXC

Through their skills, talent and zeal, they proved that "Perfection is not unattainable and if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.”
In both the Competitions our students won accolades.
In Cartoon Making Het Radia stood FIRST and Aastha Patel was awarded Consolation prize.
In Video Making Aesha Trivedi bagged FIRST Prize and Pavani Ambaliya stood SECOND.



Harshvardhan Singh Rajput from STD II has made his glorious presence felt at Silver zone Olympiad with his superlative performance in International Olympiad of Science20, International Olympiad of English Language21, International Informatics Olympiad20, Smart Kid General Knowledge Olympiad20 and International Olympiad of Mathematics20.

Harshvardhan Singh Rajput bagged Gold medal in International Olympiad of Science20 and Smart Kid General Knowledge Olympiad20, Silver medal in International Olympiad of English Language21 and Bronze medal in International Olympiad of Mathematics20.

Harshvardhan Singh Rajput bagged Silver medal in International Informatics Olympiad20 and was awarded cheque of ₹ 600 for his outstanding performance.

Students Won Accolades At Interschool Competition - 'Anand Mela'

"While most are dreaming of success, winners wake up and work hard to achieve it”.

Students of Smt MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan participated in Dance, Song and Drawing Competitions in Interschool Competition held at Anand Niketan School on 11th January 2020.

The students displayed outstanding performance and brought accolades in all the categories.

  • Singing Competition (Duet)
  • Vidhi Surati & Pari Dhulia - 1st Position
  • Rakshak Shitole & Anshuman Sahu - 3rd Position
  • Singing Competition (Solo)
  • Kanha Buch - 2nd Position
  • Dance Competition
  • Ayesha Trivedi - 3rd Position
  • Drawing Competition
  • Hitanshu Patel - 2nd Position

Annual Sports Week(2019-20)

Smt MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan held its Annual Sports Week from 4th January 2020 to 7th January 2020. The aim behind holding the event was to inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship and fondness for sports in children. The event was a fun filled fest of energy and delight.

Mrs. Sharmila Das the Principal Smt.MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan, Mrs. Falguni Naik the Principal J B Mody Vidyalaya and Mrs.Jasmin Modi Incharge Radha Bal Vatika graced the event and motivated the students.

The inaugration of the event began with the spectacular torch – bearing ceremony conducted by the young sports achievers of our school. The Sports Flame was lit by Mrs. Jasmin Modi and the sports week was formally declared open by her.

Yogic asanas demonstrated by the students lent a serene aura to the event.

The first event of the Sports Week was Fancy Races for Students of Std I to Std V followed by Athletic events for Std VI and VII. Once the event began, the air was filled with cheering and tons of encouragement .

The second day of the Sports Week began amidst great verve. The Track and Field events for Std VIII and IX saw enthusiastic participation.

The most awaited day of the Sports Week was its last day in which Inter School Team Sports were organised between Smt.MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan and JB Modi Vidyalaya. Volleyball, Kho- Kho and Kabaddi were for both Boys and Girls categories and Football was played under Boys' Category.

Smt.MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan won 5 out of 7 games and lifted the coveted Championship Trophy. All the winners were felicitated on the victory stand with certificates.

1st Prize In Fancy Dress And Quiz Contest In Interschool Competition

SMCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan always motivates its students to perform and excel in Interschool Competitions.

Yekshit Sahani Of Std. II Won 1st Prize in Fancy Dress Competition

Kshitij Gurumoorthy And Shail Shah Of Std. IX Won 1st Prize in Quiz Contest in Interschool Competition 'Calfest' held at Narmada Calorx School on 9th December' 2019.

Interschool Football Tournament

"What can be learned on the ground cannot be learned in the classroom"

Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan is committed to the holistic development of a child's personality. For a balanced academic development we give weightage to various sports activities. Sanskar Bharti Sports Academy strives to bring out the best sports talent of the school and believes in mass participation, exposing the students to a number of sports events at inter-school, district and state level. The Sanskar Bharti Sports Academy organized two days 5a side Inter School Football Tournament for U 14 and U 17 categories on 22nd and 23rd November' 2019 . 32 Teams from various schools participated in the Tournament. Swayam Parmar and Devansh Suratia were awarded as the Best Goal Scorers in Under 14 and Under 17 categories respectively. The U 17 team of Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan won the 1st prize and was declared as the Champion of the Interschool Football Tournament. All the players were awarded Medals and the winningTrophy by Shri Hiren Rathod, the Secretary of Sports Association of Bharuch and Mrs. Nikki H Mehta, The Administrator of Smt. SMCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan.

Pre National School Games Rifle Shooting Championship

Sujal Shah of Std VII secured 3rd position in 10m air rifle peep shigt rifle under - 14 event KMK 2019 and qualified for 65th National School Games at Bhopal during 4th November to 8th November 2019.

[10/23, 19:50] Sharmilamam: CBSE West Zone Rifle Shooting Championship

Sujal Shah of Std VII secured 4th position in 10m air rifle Peep sights under-14 event held at kota S.R.Public Sc. Sec. School during 1st to 4th October 2019 and qualified for the National Level Shooting Championship.

CBSE Regional Level Kho Kho Championship

Under 17 Boys Kho -kho team of SMCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan has surpassed all the other teams of the Cluster XIII West Zone Region (Gujarat, Rajasthan, MP, Daman and Diu) and bagged 1st position.

The 'Best Player Award' for the Tournament was bagged by Pranay Parmar for the third consecutive year. Our Kho -Kho team has qualified for National Level to be played in Haryana from 9th November to 15th November 2019.

Spelling Bee International Award Ceremony

Spelling Bee International prepares students for their academic and career success with an expensive vocabulary in English which guarantees a superior understanding of other subjects and creates access to all the world's knowledge. Twenty Students of SMCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan were awarded with Medals and Certificates for their exemplary performance at District, State, National and International Levels at Baroda on 13th July' 2019.

Students who were Awarded are:

  • 1. Parmar Virajsinh
  • 2. Abhilasha Mudhaliar
  • 3. Ananya Chawrasiya
  • 4. Aarvee Shah
  • 5. Vraj Mistry
  • 6. Kahan Ranani
  • 7. Harshit Bhuresha
  • 8. Riya Chaudhari
  • 9. Shreeja Patel
  • 10. Anushka Chowrasia
  • 11. Dhun Patel
  • 12. Aditya Dum
  • 13. Abhay Singh
  • 14. Het Radia
  • 15. Arav Nair
  • 16. Binayak Pradhan
  • 17. Pradnya Pagare
  • 18. Vraj Dangarwala
  • 19. Sanskruti Gohil
  • 20. Shubh Patel
  • 21. Dhiraj Pawar
  • 22. Vanessa Pancholi
  • 23. Vedi Soni
  • 24. Saanjh Ambedkar
  • 25. Nevya Kadakia
  • 26. Veda Chauhan

The Felicitation Ceremony

Smt. Maniba Chunnilal Patel Sanskar Vidya Bhavan organised the Felicitation Ceremony on 29th April 2019 to honour its student Master Dhanesh Haresh Khatwani who is popularly known as the Calendar Boy. The Function was a continuation of the school tradition which believes in recognizing the efforts of the assiduous students with their multifarious endeavours, aspirations and triumphs.
The esteemed guests for the occasion were Shri Pushpaben Patel The Managing Trustee Sanskar Bharti Trust , Mrs. Nikki H Mehta The Administrator Smt. Maniba Chunnilal Patel Sanskar Vidya Bhavan, Master Dhanesh Khatwani , Mrs and Mr Haresh Khatwani the proud parents of the wonder boy .
In her welcome address, the school Principal Mrs. Sharmila Das emphasised the school's role in motivating and providing a congenial atmosphere to Master Dhanesh which has led him to the path of stunning victories. She applauded Dhanesh on his success and evoked the nostalgic memories linked to his early childhood. Shri Pushpaben Patel the Managing Trustee of Sanskar Bharti Trust felicitated Master Dhanesh with the Citation and also presented him the idol of Goddess Saraswati as the token of best wishes and blessings. The school acknowledged the noteworthy role of the parents Mrs and Mr Haresh Khatwani with memento.
The ceremony was well punctuated with elegant dance performances by Dhanesh’s class mates and a melodious motivational song by his teachers. The ceremony ended with the National Anthem.


SMPC Sanskar Vidya Bhavan has always given impetus to sports. Karate training is given to the students right from Std I. The Karate students of SMCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan have participated in many National and International events like the one organised in Srilanka and Nepal and won Gold medals in their respective categories.

To promote Karate, Shrimati Maniba Chunilal Patel Sanskar Vidya Bhavan, Bharuch had organised the Inter-school Karate championship at the District level on 28 th April 2019 . The event was co organised by Gojurya Karate Do Jintak Kan International India in school premises.
The occasion was graced by the presence of Mrs Sharmila Das, Principal SMCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan, Mrs Falguni NAIK, Principal J.B.Modi Vidyalaya, Sensai Hiren, Sensai Raj Kaushal, Senasi Metul Patel and Mr. Ramesh Vasava.

Following school s participated in the Tournament :

  • SMCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan
  • Ascent school
  • CKG school, Gowli
  • Gattu vidyalaya, Ankleshwar
  • Lions Public school
  • P P Savani
  • Queen of Angle
  • Aditya Birla Public school.

The winners in each category - Kata and Kumete were awarded with medals & certificates.


Kahan Ramani (Class-III)
- International Rank-58th
- Zonal 15th Position+Certi. of Zonal Excelence

Het Radia(Class-V)
- International Rank-134th
- Zonal 23th Position+Certi. of Zonal Excelence


Vishesh Guleria (Class-X)
- (International Rank-295
- Zonal -13 Position+Certi. of Zonal Excelence


Vraj Mistry(Class-II)
- (International Rank-141
- Zonal -20 Position+Certi. of Zonal Excelence

Kavya Panchal(Class-V)
- (International Rank-263
- Zonal -12 Position+Certi. of Zonal Excelence

Ansh Sharma(Class-VII)
- (International Rank-189
- Zonal -10 Position+Certi. of Zonal Excelence

Krishnendu Das(Class-VII)
- (International Rank-154
- Zonal -6 Position+Certi. of Zonal Excelence

Kala Mahakumbh

Organ (3rd Position)
- Aryan Yadav

Group Song (2nd Position)
- Tanisha Vaidya
- Kshitij Gurumoorthy
- Sujal Parmar
- Dev Patel
- Dishwari Kulkarni
- Ayush Patnaik
- Aditya Pakde

Harmonium (6 to 14 yrs)
- Deep Mehta (1st Position)
- Het Radia (2nd Position)
- Dehina Yadav (3rd Position)

Harmonium (15 to 20 yrs)
- Urvesh Parmar (1st Position)
- Jishnu Trivedi (3rd Position)

- Aditya Pakde (1st Position)

Spelling Bee National Level

Aditya Dum of Class V -A and Anushka Chaurasia of Class VI-A secured 85% above.

Students who qualified for International Level are :

  • Het Radia
  • Kavya Panchal
  • Aesha Trivedi
  • Dhruv Agarwal
  • Harsh Patil
  • Pradnya Pagare

CBSE West Zone Chess Tournament

The CBSE West Zone Chess Championship was organized by Goenka School , Gwalior from 2nd-5th October 2018.
56 schools participated in the event.
Students of SMCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan participated in U-17 Boys and Girls Categories.
There were 45 teams in Boys category and 14 teams in Girls category.
The Boys Team secured the fifth position and the Girls Team bagged the sixth position in the West Zone.

SMCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan secures 1st Position in CBSE Regional Level Kho Kho Tournament

Girls Kho Kho Team U- 17 and Boys Kho Kho Team U-17 competed with 35 teams from all over Gujarat, Diu and Dadar Nagar Haveli and stood 1st in the CBSE West Zone Kho Kho Tournament and qualified for the Nationals.
Shrusti Patel and Pranay Parmar were adjudged as the best players in U-17 Girls and Boys Teams respectively.

Inauguration Ceremony Of Sanskar Bharti Trust Sports Academy

The Sanskar Bharti Trust Sports Academy was inaugurated on 5th September 2018 amidst great mirth, verve and camaraderie. Shri Dushyant Patel graced the Inaugural Ceremony as the Chief Guest and Mr. Silvester Dsouja Asst. Income Tax Commissioner inspired one and all with his esteemed presence as the Guest of Honor.
The Academy was formally inaugurated by the Chief Guest by kicking the ball in benign presence of Shri Pushpa Ben Patel. Mr. Upendra Rungta, Mrs. Nikki H Mehta, Honourable members of Sanskar Bharti Trust and other dignitaries.
The most intriguing aspect, embellishing the event, was the splendid field displays of Kho Kho, Kabaddi, Malkhamb, Volleyball, Football and Cricket. Chief Guest praised the endeavours of the Sanskar Bharti Trust to introduce the premiere Sports Academy in Bharuch which would cater all Sports related requirements of Sportsperson . Guest of Honour Mr. Sylvester Dsouja highlighted the necessity of sportsmanship in the world and intimated the august gathering about the rationale behind Sports.
The celebration culminated with spark of excitement among one and all who are passionate about Sports.

Fancy Dress Competition By 'IN Bharuch' Channel

An individual can die for an idea but that idea will after his death incarnate itself in thousand lives.
In an attempt to pay tribute to great freedom fighters, IN Bharuch Channel organised a Fancy Dress Competition for students of Std I to VI on 8th August 2018. The Theme of the competition was 'Freedom Fighters of India '.
The students gracefully participated in the competition with great zeal and vigour. Dressed up as the freedom fighters the students lived up an important phase of the life of their character and paid homage to famous personalities who freed our nation from clutches of oppressive British rule.

Winners Are:


  • Yash Trivedi (Rajguru) -1st
  • Daksh Parmar(Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar) -2nd
  • Ananya Chourasia (Jijabai) -3rd


  • Dhairaj Pawar (Bhagat Singh) -1st
  • Aesha Trivedi (Begam Hazarat Mahal) -2nd
  • Simran Duggal(Sarojini Naidu)-3rd

JCI- Card Design Competition winners

JCI conducted Post Card Design Competition on 21st June'18 for classes IX and X to provide good platform to expose children to healthy competition environment that can help them to increase their creativity and confidence.

• Khyati Amin (X) Winner
• Bhumi Vasava (IX) 1st Runner Up

National Talent Search Examination by JCI

Junior Chamber International (JCI) conducted NTSE for students of IX to XII on 13th August. NTSE helps the students to know where they stand, pinpoint the areas of strengths and weaknesses and improves the students' ability to understand the underlying concepts. It provides a competitive edge to the students and encourages them to take part in competitive exams in future. All the students were motivated by participation Certificates and Pens by JCI.


Winners of SOF Zonal Level:

NCO-  Kahan Ramani(CLASS -04 ,International Rank-58, Zonal Rank-15)
           Het Radia(CLASS -05 ,International Rank-134, Zonal Rank-23)

IEO-    Vishesh Guleria(CLASS -10 ,International Rank-295, Zonal Rank-13)

IGKO- Vraj Mistry(CLASS -02 ,International Rank-141, Zonal Rank-20)
           Kavya Panchal(CLASS -05 ,International Rank-263 , Zonal Rank-12)
           Ansh Sharma(CLASS -07 ,International Rank-189, Zonal Rank-10)
           Krishnendu Das(CLASS -07 ,International Rank-154, Zonal Rank-6)

Spell Bee National Level Competition​

Winners of Spell Bee National Level Competition & Will be Participating for International Level:

Aditya Dum
Anushka Chaurasia
Het Radia
Kavya Panchal
Aesha Trivedi
Dhruv Agarwal
Harsh Patil
Pradnya Pagare

Drawing on Postcard(21/6/18)​

"Drawing on Postcard" was an initiative by JCI Bharuch to get the young minds back to using the good old postcard and use Post card as a medium to spread awareness on social issues. 200 students of Std IX and X participated in this competition on 21st June 2018.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp for Sports was held from 1st May to 10th May in Tapovan, Bharuch by Sports Authority of Gujarat. 30 students participated in the Camp where they learned various sports techniques in Football, Handball, Kho-Kho, etc. from expect coaches along with other social skills.


Name of students:



Excellence performance in GNFC Science Funfair by our students:

  • DRAWING COMPETITION : Aditya Dum(IV-A)-1st Position
  • PLAY WITH MATHS : Moksh Bhatt(IV-B)-1st Position, Nevya Kadakiya(IV-C) -2nd Position
  • DO IT YOUSELF : Shail Shah(VI-A) & Hemangini Kashyap(VI-C) -1st Position
  • POSTER COMPETITION : Khyati Amin(VIII-B)-2nd Position
  • ELOCUTION COMPETITION : Shaurya Singh(VIII-C)-2nd Position
  • RESEARCH BASED SCIENCE PROJECT : Varuni Joshi(VIII-C) & Priyal Desai(VIII-A) -1st Position
  • SCIENCE PROJECT : Bhoomika Gothwal(IX-C) & Darshi Shah (IX-C) - 1st Position, Prasad Kale(XI) & Uma Thakur (XI) – 2nd Position
  • POSTER MAKING TEACHERS CATEGORY : MR.Rajesh Ataliwala – 1st Position


Police Athletic Meet was organized at DSP Office Bharuch on Dt-14th Feb to 16th Feb 2017 and our Kho-Kho Team Boys –Girls both the teams won 1st Prize.


Prod Winner At Khel Maha Kumbh District Level – 2nd Prize Received an amount of 1,00,000/- By SPORTS & CULTURAL YOUTH DEPARTMENT ,GOVERNMENT OF GUJARAT


Young Athletes have brought laurels for us by bagging 23 medals in various categories in the esteemed CBSE Cluster Athletic Meet . Six Athletes from our school are chosen to represent the Cluster in CBSE National Athletic Meet.


CBSE Regional Level Science Exhibition showcased various projects and exhibits of Ajmer region. Two exhibits from our school participated in it
1.Combat Drought by Darshi Shah and Bhoomika Gothwal and
2.Transport Revolution by Jeet Shah and Harsh Dalal
Both the exhibits were adjudged the best in their category and qualified for National level participation to be held in Delhi in 2017


The under 19 Chess team participated in CBSE REGIONAL LEVEL CHESS TOURNAMENT in which 28 schools from Cluster XIII sent best brains to compete in tournament.The players pitted their wit and sheer weal of brain prowess against one another.Through their wise moves and acumen the School Team secured VI rank in the cluster.


The Girls and Boys Kho Kho team added one more feather to our cap by emerging winners in CBSE Regional Level Kho Kho tournament.The team members showcased agility and coordination and secured their place in CBSE NATIONAL LEVEL KHO KHO TOURNAMENT to be played in Orissa in December.

YEAR 2015-16
AKANKSHA JALANDHARA-93.8% 2nd District Topper in CBSE Board Examination (Std-XII) -2016
YEAR 2015-16 CLASS X -At the Summit in CBSE Board Examination
(Std-X) -2016 with 15 students securing perfect 10 CGPA
  • KHYATI AMIN -(1st Prize-Class-VIII)
  • HEER DHARSANDYA -(1st Prize-Class-VII)
  • HETVI MODI --(2nd Prize-Class-IV)
  • HEMIL BENGALI -(2nd Prize-Class-I)

We at SMCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan realize the importance of Education in shaping not only an individual's life but also a nation's destiny. Agreeing with Joseph Adison's view "what sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to human soul," we firmly believe that academic excellence is the benchmark of any educational institution. The brilliant performance of our students, has added yet again, to our glittering grandeur.

In the class X Board Examinations conducted by Central Board of secondary Education we have given outstanding result whereby the pass percentage was a remarkable 100.

A perfect score of CGPA, 10, was scored by following students-

  • 1. Rishabh Agarwal in 2011
  • 2. Vedika Akarwal and Priya Prajapati in 2010

Our students have demonstrated noteworthy result at District Level

  • 1. Shravan Bagalkote has topped the district in 2007
  • 2. Rahul Upadhyay was III in the district in year 2009

The school’s strong motivational tinge in the field sports and academics had always borne fruit.

  • Every year the tenth standard toppers are awarded with prestigiou Amul Vidyapeeth Award
  • Our School Exhibit reached the National Level CBSE Science Exhibition thrice.
  • Our Kho Kho team made its way to the CBSE National Level Kho-Kho Tournament after being declared the I runner up at Cluster Level Tournament in 2009-10.
  • Under 14 Girls Kho-Kho Team qualified for participating at State Level Kho-Kho Tournament in 2011-12.
  • School created awareness about various issues of social importance such as environment protection, social harmony and constitutional rights by organizing skating and cycle rallies from time to time.


Students of our schools once again showcased their extra ordinary scientific temperament in National Level SCIENCE EXHIBITION organised by CBSE. The exhibit prepared by Aniket Gupta and Varuni Joshi was among the best exhibits at Regional Level which stormed its way to National Level participation. The exhibit from our school was one among 890 top exhibits from all the corners of the country which were displayed in CBSE NATIONAL LEVEL SCIENCE at Mount Abu School New Delhi.

Exemplary Performance in KHEL Mahakumbh -Testimony of Our Sports Excellence

Sports person from our school displayed superlative performance in different activities organised during KHEL Mahakumbh this year. Our school was at the pinnacle in Taluka and stood third in the District. The Sports Authority of Gujarat recognised the Sports Potential of our school and awarded us the cash prize of Rupees 1 lakh for the second consecutive year.


Winners are-





HET RADIA (CLASS-V) -2nd Position


Felicitation Of Our STAR SPORTS PERSON by the Collector

Zeel Chavda, possessing superlative Athletic and Kho Kho talent, who had been adjudged the Best Player in CBSE Regional Level Kho Kho Tournament Twice, was felicitated by the District Collector during Republic Day Celebration.

Brain Ninza Guiness World Record Quiz

On 18th January 2018 all the students of Std VIII , IX and XI of our school enthusiastically participated in Brain Ninza Guiness World Record Quiz organised by the Rotary Club all over the country to register the largest Quiz Program of the world.

Declamation Competition

Shaurya Singh and Khyati Amin of Std IX participated in the Interschool Declamation Competition organised at Bal BHARTI Public School , Jhanor on 12th January 2018.The theme of Declamation Competition was related to life and work of Swami Vivekananada.Shaurya Singh bagged II position and Khyati Amin secured III position in the competition.


Meet Saini –won silver medal in 1500/3000 mt. race & selected for National Level

Shrusti Patel –won silver medal in 800/2000 mt. race & selected for National Level

Annual Sports Week-2017-18

Annual Sports Week was celebrated with great enthusiasm in the school play ground from 22 November, 2017 to 24 November, 2017. The School’s playground witnessed the outflow of zeal, passion and excitement. The programme began with the lighting of Sports Flame by the Chief Guest Mrs Nikki H Mehta, The Administrator, Smt. Maniba Chunilal Patel Sanskar Vidya Bhavan, the torch bearers of the Sports Flame were the young players of the school who had displayed outstanding performance at Regional and National Level Sports events. Mrs Falguni Naik Principal J .B. Mody Vidyalaya, Mrs. Jasmine Modi Incharge Radha Bal Vatika and Mrs. Sharmila Das, Principal Smt. Maniba Chunilal Patel Sanskar Vidya Bhavan graced the occasion and motivated the students. The students displayed a wide array of energetic and bouncy sports events which includef Yoga, Aerobics, Fancy races, Track and athletic events and Team Sports.. Players mesmerized the audience with their energetic performances. On the concluding day the rolling coveted Sports Day Trophy was lifted by Smt. Maniba Chunilal Patel Sanskar Vidya Bhavan which won 5 out of 7 matches in various Team sports against the opponent team of J.B.Mody Vidyalaya.


Shrimati Maniba Chunnilal Patel Sanskar Vidya Bhavan participated in Inter school Debate Competition organised by C M Academy at AIA auditorium on 18th August 2017.12 esteemed schools participated in the competition. Jimit Shah from our school was adjudged III BEST SPEAKER FOR THE MOTION.


The school hosted wide range of sports activities of KHEL MAHAKUMBH for different age groups at Taluka, District and State Levels.

Students of our school participated enthusiastically in KHEL MAHAKUMBH and brought laurels for the school.

• Taluka Level

Kho Kho

Under 14 & Under 17 Boys and Girls team bagged I position and qualified for District Level Participation


Devil MODI bagged I position in Shot put, Zeel Chavda secured I rank in 1500m race, Shrusti Patel stood I in 800 m race and Dhruvi Panchal bagged I position in Long Jump. Mahek stood II in Discus Throw. Sakshi Gite bagged II position in 100m race, Supriya Rai stood II in 600 m race , Shruti Dave bagged II position in 200m race and Parv Shah secured II position in Long Jump.

• District Level

Kho Kho

Under 17 girls team stood I and Under 14 Boys team stood II . Both the teams qualified for State Level participation.


Devil MODI bagged I position in Shot Put and made her way to State Level participation. Badminton Madhura Chinchmalatpure secured II rank and qualified for State Level.


Cheryl Sethi secured II position in 100m free style.


Nishita Kher bagged II position and Aarya Patil secured III position in Under 11 Girls category. In Under 11 Boys category Het Radia stood II. Deshna Shah stood II in Under 14 Girls category. Matigyana Shah bagged II position in Under 17 girls category. Chinmay Shirishkar stood I, Vinay Thakkar stood II and Rushi Bhatt III in Under 17 Boys category. Kinnari Shirish jar stood I in Under 19 girls category.


Aishwarya Nair bagged II position in Under 17 girls category.

Minaxi Tripathi Memorial Award

Shaurya Singh was felicitated in Natkhat Utsav 2017 organised by Cultural Department of UP.He was given Minaxi Tripathi Memorial Award by Padma Vibhushan Sonal Man Singh. Shaurya Singh was awarded with citation trophy and cheque of Rs 10000.

State Level Geeta Chanting Competition

Three students Kshitij Gurumoorthy , Ishan Patel and Daksh Parmar qualified for the State Level participation. Kshitij Gurumoorthy bagged III position in Senior category.

District Level Chess Tournament

Dehina Yadav bagged I position in Bharuch district Chess Tournament.


Under 17 Boys Football team participated in CBSE Cluster Level Football Tournament in Kharod Public School Ankleshwar.


Both Boys and Girls Kho Kho Teams brought laurels by bagging the first position at Cluster Level and getting selected for the National level participation.
Zeel Chavda was adjudged The Best Player in the Girls category and Pranay Parmar was chosen as the Best Player in the Boys category.

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