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Crowning The Leaders Of Tomorrow

Investiture Ceremony was held on 24th April 2023. It was about providing titles and conferring responsibilities to the students to take charge of the school and take it to the height they desire with their leadership and decision making skills, communication and teamwork.

At this ceremony, the School Prefectorial Board was formed which gives them a feel of functioning of an official administrative body.

The selected students were honoured with their respective badges such as Head Girl, Head Boy, Captains, Vice Captains, Various Heads like - Discipline, Literary, Cultural, Cleanliness and Sports and On-Duty. The Student Council Members were solemnized oath by the Principal, Vice Principal, House Mistresses and other Incharge Teachers to faithfully work for the school and become inspiration for others.


'A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way'.
To inculcate the leadership qualities in the students and to give them a feel of the functioning of the administration of the School, a Prefectorial Board was formed and administered oath on 21st April' 2022.

The march by all the Prefects was a spectacular event which set the mood for the event. The Students Council pledged oath to fulfill the responsibilities entrusted to them. Badges were also fixed on their uniforms.

The Principal motivated and wished the student leaders in completing responsibilities entrusted to them in the year ahead. She also mentioned the efforts taken by the School in promoting children's social, physical and economical skills through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

The Students Council 2022 are:


If your actions inspire others to dream more,learn more ,do more and become more then you are a leader.
Deserving young talent of the school were bestowed with the responsibilities of leading their school with commitment,confidence and competence.The school held the Investiture Ceremony on 25th April 2019 with great enthusiasm. The new Students Council was invested by the Principal and other senior staff members and the prefects were conferred with badges. The out going head boy and head girl shared their experiences. Our principal Mrs.Sharmila Das inspired and encouraged the coming up team to stand for the betterment of the school.The ceremony concluded with the singing of National Anthem.


• Head girl - Freni Aghera
• Head boy – Shail Shah
• Tagore House Captain - Muskan Duggal
• Vice-captain – Tanish Patel
• Vivekananda House Captain — Ria Chandarana
• Vice-Captain - Arya Patel
• Aurobindo House Captain - Aditya Singh
• Vice-Captain - Twinkal Ajmera
• Sports Head -Krisha Kapadia & Prasanna Patil
• Cleanliness Head - Ansh Sharma & Pradnya Pagare
• Cultural Head - Avani Vanza & Sujal Parmar
• Discipline Head - Hatim Materwala & Miti Patel
• Literary Head - Kshitij Gurumoorthy & Riva Chandarana
• On duty students - Nidhi Gohil,Nitish Tadpade,Palash Patel,Ayush Patel ,Riya Oza,Moksh Rajput,Dhwani Asodia,Krish Patel,Dhruvi Patel ,Foram Vekariya, Dvita Shah, Harnish Patel, Ritu Patel,Parth Gohil


Investiture ceremony was conducted on 26th April when the new Student Council swore oath and were honoured with 'Badges' by the Principal, vice Principal and Teachers. The objective of this ceremony was to instill a sense of responsibility and to inculcate leadership qualities in the students so that they become responsible citizens of the country.

Student Council 2018-19

• Head girl - Prerna Gandhi
• Head boy – Dvij Rana
• Tagore House Captain - Princy Shah
• Vice-captain – Rudra Kabrawala
• Vivekananda House Captain — Mouly Dangarwala
• Vice-Captain - Dhwani Bhatt
• Aurobindo House Captain - Misbah Shaikh
• Vice-Captain - Tushar Jain
• Sports Head - Shruti Dave & Aryan Singh
• Cleanliness Head - Bhavya Gupta & Dhurva Patel
• Cultural Head - Anshul Patel & Hunny Prajapati
• Discipline Head - Deshana Shah & Stavan Shah
• Literary Head - Akshar Patel & Milap Jogidas
• On duty students - Mukund Agrawalla, Yashraj Parmar, Vrutti Tamboli, Dhruv Bengali, Dhruv Jani, Mahek Bhatt, Khushi Bhatt, Sudipta Bala, Dhruv Thakkar, Jeet Shah


If your actions inspire others to dream more ,learn more, do more & become more then you are leader. Deserving young talent of the school bestowed with the responsibilities of leading their school with commitment, confidence & competence .The school held the Investiture ceremony on the 25th April with great enthusiasm, the event stared at 7:30 a.m. The new team was inculcated by the Principal & other senior staff members. The out going head boy & head girl shared their experiences.Our Principal Mrs. Sharmila Das inspired & encouraged the coming up team to stand for the betterment of the school. The ceremony concluded with the singing of National Anthem.


• Head Boy- Shaurya Singh
• Head Girl – Varuni Joshi
• Tagore House Captain- Cheryl Shethi
• Vice-captain – Megha Prajapati
• Vivekananda House Captain—. Urvesh Parmar
• Vice-Captain- Aniket Gupta
• Aurobindo House Captain-Khayati Amin
• Vice-Captain- Meghal Mehta
• Sports Head- Smit Thakkar & Shrushti Patel
• Cleanliness Head- Aditya Pakde & Kesha Gandhi
• Cultural Head- Kshitij Chitroda & Priyal Desai
• Discipline Head- Matigyana Shah & Ayush sonawane
• Literary Head- Ansh Chokshi & Trupal Patel
• On duty students-Vinay Thakkar,Chaitanya Sharma,Adhyasha Mohanti,Freni Patel,Aditi Bamrotiya,Shivani Mistri,Yash Mehta,Smit Patil,Priyanshu Shah,Raj Nanadan Malhotra


Students of today are the visionaries and torch bearers of tomorrow our school tries to develop the leadership qualities among the students ,yearly organized Investiture Ceremony is one step in this direction.

This year it was conducted on April 25 with a great zeal and fervor. Donning the mantle of responsibility the office bearers pledged to dispense their duties to the best of their abilities & abide by the rules of the school.


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