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Workshop and Seminar

Capacity Building Workshop On 'HAPPY CLASSROOM'

Organised By: CBSE

Resource Persons from CBSE, Mr. A Francis,Principal Anand Niketan school, Mehasana and Mrs. Manjola Sachin, Principal of Rangoli International School, Mehasana conducted a workshop on Happy Classroom at Shri Shri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, Surat on 11th February' 20. Mrs. Bhavana Shah, Mrs. Jaimini Maharul, Mrs. Sheetal Joshi and Mrs. Rani Saraf attended the workshop.

The key points discussed were:

  • Learning process should be joyful.
  • Teachers should always be smiling.
  • Teachers should be Energetic with positive attitude.
  • Classroom should be lively with interaction, activities etc.
  • Chapters should be introduced in an innovative or creative manner through stories, songs,puzzles, practical examples , demonstrations etc.
  • Teachers should appreciate good work of students.
  • Teachers should keep the children concentrated through clapping, stories etc. amidst teaching.
  • Teachers should always have the tendency to look for good in others.
  • Teachers should work for self motivation and encourage others for the same.
  • Teachers should have strong determination to complete any work.
  • They should never enter the class without prior preparation.
  • They should develop listening and visualizing ability.
  • Microteaching skills should always be included during teaching.
  • They should relate the topics with day to day examples to inculcate values.
  • Teachers should be confident, understand child pschycology and convince children.
  • There should be no space for anger.

Hub Of Learning Workshop At Swamy Vivekananda Academy

With the principles of improvement and innovation as foundation of teaching learning process, the HUB Schools are playing a vital role. This collaboration of all the teachers under CBSE hub helps them to share ideas and resources for improvement in teaching learning process and encourage creative and critical thinking of children.

The Integrated Hub Workshop for all the teachers along with Principals was organized on 23rd November' 2019 at Swami Vivekananda Academy, Ankleshwar. It was an elucidative and interactive workshop which made all the participants actively involved in the activities.Through interactive sessions teachers learnt how different forms of art can be integrated with all the subjects. The learning outcomes of teaching learning process were also discussed. All attended this workshop with great zest and enthusiasm.

Launch of Fit India Movement

To commemorate Major Dhyan Chandra's birthday, one of the greatest hockey players in the history of sports, our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi launched 'Fit India Campaign' on 9th August 2019. The live telecast of the motivational programme initiated by the Prime Minister was shown to the students of VII to X. The Campaign highlighted the importance of fitness in life and acquainted people about indigenous sports like 'Gilli Danda' ,'Marbles' etc. It motivated people to be safe from diseases like diabetes and blood pressure by changing the lifestyle by incorporating simple ways in life like using stairs, walking etc. It was indeed a life changing experience for one and all.

Mentor-Mentee programme by Interact Club

Interact Club of SMCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan started the permenent project, 'Mentor-Mentee' programme with the objective of developing life skills. The mentor is assigned to act as an advisor, counsellor and guide to a junior. The mentor acts as a role model for the mentee. The advise given by the mentor helps the mentee to develop new skills and a larger network. For a mentor it serves as an excellent learning experience.

The responsibility undertaken by a mentor to guide and motivate his mentee in his career, helps the mentor to develop communication and leadership skills.

Mentors of interact Club after the completion of each month, submit their reports to their guide teachers.

'Each One Teach One' project by Interact Club

To spread the light of education the Interact Members of Shrimati Maniba Chunilal Patel Sanskar Vidya Bhavan started a program called ‘Each One Teach One’. In this project the students are doing the noble work of rendering education to the people who belong to the weaker sections of the society and due to socio-economic reasons are deprived of basic education. The members of Interact Club teach their house maids, security guards, maid’s children and other helpers through Innovative ideas.

Mime Act by Teachers of SMCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan

Educators from SMCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan zealously participated in the Mime Competition jointly organized by Rotary Club and Inner Wheel Club of Bharuch on 31st August 2019. Teachers from 21 schools participated in the same. It was an enriching experience for one and all.The teachers of our school highlighted the need and importance of 'Woman Empowerment' in present scenario.

Ryla Workshop

An enriching program was held by Rotary to inculcate values of team spirit ,leadership conviction communication skills etc. This was explained not only through lectures but through interactive media such as pictures, videos and many innovative activities such as origami,bridge building,advertisement etc. Students participated in all activities like lemon and spoon race,tyre race ,musical chair etc. Eight students of our school participated in workshop .To boast their morals,winners of each activity were given prizes. At the end all the schools presented their mime act which was on titled-‘Conservation of Environment-Save Trees’ which was a fun learning activity.

Capacity Building Workshop By CBSE On English Teaching For X

Center of excellence Ajmer had organized a workshop for the Capacity Building Programme on 6 and 7 of September 2019 at Unnati English Academy Surat.
The workshop was facilitated by Ms. Manashini from D. P. S. Surat & Mr. Gorachand Mishra from Divine Child International School Mehsana.
Two teachers from our school Mrs. Neha Shah & Mrs. Supriya Pandey participated in the workshop.
The two days workshop highlighted on various aspects of English teaching & learning. It covered different arenas of English language learning like -Listening, Speaking,Reading and Writing. Importance of learning English literature, Strategies of teaching English Grammar, Assessments and various modes of evaluating the answer scripts were also discussed in the programme.
Overall it was an informative and fruitful workshop.

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle Project by The Interact Club

The Reduce, Reuse and Recycle project is the permanent project of the Interact Club of our school. The Compost pit in the school is used to dispose waste mainly the dry leaves from the campus, the peels from the kitchen and other biodegradable waste to be converted into compost. The compost thus prepared is to be used as manure in the maintenance of the school gardens.

Health And Hygiene Seminar At Kanyashala By Interact Club

To raise awareness about the Health and Hygiene among students of Kanyashala, a resourceful Seminar on Health and Hygiene was conducted by the members of Interact Club of the school on 8th August 2019 . Importance of Health and Wellness, Sanitation, Balanced Diet, Medicinal plants were explained through PowerPoint presentations, Interactive Sessions and Quizzes. Club members also demonstrated the proper way of washing the hands, brushing teeth, etc. The Seminar motivated the students to take up a healthy lifestyle as it is rightly said, 'Prevention is better than cure'.

Workshop on Life Skill by Center Of Excellence, CBSE

Workshop on Life Skill was organized at P P Savani School on 20th July. Four teachers Supriya Pandey, Sarita Gupta, Bhoomika Patel and Anshukiran Shukla attended the workshop. The resource persons were Kush Kulshreshtha and Michelle Ganeshani. The aim of the workshop was to inculcate new ideas related to teaching of life skills and incorporation of the same in the curriculum. The resource person comprehensively explained various ways and techniques of developing and enhancing life skills among students of all age groups. Thinking skills, social skills, emotional skills and their types were taken up in details through various modes like discussion, role play, debate, etc. The workshop not only made the teachers more sensitive and understanding towards students but also helped in imbibing life skills in their teaching style so that children add value to their personality as a whole.

Mathematics Workshop by Hub Of Learning

Workshop for Maths Educators was organized at Swamy Vivekananda Academy, Ankleshwar on 20th July. Jayshri Gohil, Payal Dave, Bhavana Shah and Shubhi Mishra attended the workshop. In this workshop, the Mathematics teachers developed ideas to motivate students by joyful activities, such as discovering, exploring, constructing, designing, setting strategy, and solving problems through various hands-on activities. Sample Lesson Plans were presented by the Maths educators.

Hub Of Learning (ID-GT0028) - Social Science Workshop

The Social Science workshop on 'Joyful Learning' for Hub ID GT0028 was conducted in Smt MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan on 6th July 2019. It catered to the professional growth and development of Social Science teachers. The educators from Kharod Public School, CKG High School, Swami Vivekananda Academy, Jay Ambe International School, Narayan Vidya Mandir and Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan attended the workshop.

The workshop began with lighting of the ceremonial lamp. Educators were given floral welcome. The Venue director and Principal Mrs. Sharmila Das initiated the teaching strategies. The resource person Mrs. Shailja Singh laid importance on going beyond textual contents and making their pedagogy fun filled and focused on joyful learning .

The workshop included Interactive Sessions to discuss various interesting and fun filled teaching methodologies. Through Graphic organizer, Talk show and Discussions, educators were trained to add elements of fun in their teaching to ensure joyful learning.

Educators discussed about S. St Hub Competition/Activity, scheduled on 28th August . They prepared child centred lesson plan by incorporating the discussed methodologies to have fun filled learning in their class.

Overall it was an enriching and resourceful session. The workshop ended with National Anthem.

The outcome of this workshop would be felt by teachers during their class room interactions by transforming their teaching methods and making it more inclusive, joyful and fun filled.

English Educators, Hub Of Learning

Workshop for English Educators was held at Jay Ambe International School on 22nd June 2019. The Rrsource Person, Ms Darshana emphasized on joyful learning by play way method at primary level. The importance of teaching poetries using poetic devices was insisted. All six participant schools presented and analysed lesson plans with effective teaching strategies. The session concluded with feedback and vote of thanks.

Science Educators, Hub Of Learning

Science workshop was conducted at Kharod Public School on 27th June 2019. The resource person was Dr. Anjali Kulshreshtha. Rani Saraf and Bhavika Bhavsar attended the workshop. The moto of the workshop was to incorporate joyful learning in classroom and provide encouraging environment and experiences to students. To enable this, the educators were advised to encourage students' involvement and participation by providing them all possible scopes to express their own creativity and ideas and appreciating and displaying their work in classrooms or school premises. The teachers presented lesson plans using joyful methodologies and discussed the problems faced during teaching and methods to overcome them. The session ended by exchange of feedback and national anthem.

Hindi Educators, Hub Of Learning

Hindi workshop was organized at Kharod Public School on 13th July 2019. The resource person was Ms. Vinitha. Anita Saxena, Kumud Gupta, Radhika Pandya and Rachana Mishra attended the workshop. The workshop aimed at creating joyful learning as it fecilitates fast and more learning. To bring in such lively teaching into classrooms, various techniques like compose poetries, create new words and phrases, emphasise on literary words, etc were presented. Ways and methods to inculcate positive attitude and values among children were also discussed. The session ended with demonstration of lesson plans by all six schools and exchange of learning outcomes.

Training Program for Khelo India National Fitness Assessment By Centre Of Excellence, CBSE

Physics Education workshop was held at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Baroda on 13th July' 2019. This workshop aimed at showcasing the tremendous sports potential of students at a global platform. The resource persons were Prince Jagdishchandra Dhabuwala and Siddharth Singh Rathod. Sports teachers Kesha Patel, Mahendra Patanvadiya and Jagruti Jadhav attended the workshop. The training program was designed on overall development of physical education. Various tests on flexibility, coordination, stamina, muscular strength, endurance, etc were some of the criteria of assessment which were practically illustrated to the teachers. Khelo India App was explained to the sports teachers. The workshop was very informative and lively.

Classroom Management By Centre Of Excellence, CBSE

Two days workshop on Classroom Management was organized at Rajshripolymer School, Ankleshwar on 12th and13th June 2019. The resource persons were Mr. Dharmesh Vyas and Mr. Kulsreshtha. Dina Dave and Zalak Shah attended the workshop. The informative program provided a platform to teachers to adopt various effective techniques for classroom management. The resource persons engaged the teachers in various activities and discussed common problems faced by teachers in classroom management which can be handled by effective discipline, content mastery, motivating students, being creative and imaginative and positive approach. The workshop was an interactive session where the teachers sought answers to their queries from expert trainers.

Capacity Building Programme on Inclusion and Inclusive Strategies By Center of Excellence, CBSE

Two days workshop was held at Cygnus World School, Baroda on 12th and13th June 2019. The resource persons were Rajeev Singhal and Michelle Ganeshani. Sindhu Sunil and Renu Uppal attended the workshop. The focus of the workshop was the inclusion of children with special needs in the classroom with other children. For this the teachers were sensitised to the mental, social and physical needs of the children and were educated how to create a welcoming environment (least restricted environment) and provide students with ongoing opportunities to learn, share and engage in classroom activities. The workshop concluded with the explanation of provisions and exemptions for students with special needs.

Nation Building; In a New Avatar By BDMA

Bharuch District Management Association Women's Conclave conducted a workshop on 'Nation Building: In a New Avatar' on 28th June 2019 in hotel Regenta. 60 students from X, XI and XII and teachers attended the workshop. Eminent speakers from all over the country who are achievers and experts of diverse fields shared their journeys of life and experiences and inspired the young students. Eminent speakers included Padma Bhushan Rajshree Birla, Ursula Thakkar, Revantha Sarabhai, Padmashree Rachel Thomas, Umang Hutheesing, Roopali Parswani, Vijaylakshmi Vijaykumar, Sonali Lele Desai, Neha Buch and Maheshbhai Savani. The workshop was highly informative and motivational.

Seminar on "Enjoy Your Exams"

A seminar on 'Enjoy Your Exams' was organized by JCI Bharuch for Std. X and XII students of SMCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan on 6th February 2019. The speaker, Prof. Dipen Shah, an international motivational speaker and renouned educationist addressed 125 students with their parents.

He guided the students how to form proper time table and implement it, concentration and reading technique, how to get rid of all the distractions during Board Exams, importance of visual aids during revision, right posture during studies, to have energy rich nutritional food, to drink a lot of water to keep the body and brain hydrated. The students and parents benefitted immensely from the seminar and took home valuable learnings.

WORKSHOP on "Career Guidance" attented by - MRS.DIPALI GANDHI & MS.JAYSHREE GOHIL

"Developing a passion for learning, if we do so we never cease to grow."
Education aims at promoting an all-round wholesome development in all spheres of life. Guidance and Counselling at secondary level helps the students in identification and development of their abilities and interests. In today’s competitive scenario, for guiding young students in making realistic career choices, it is important for the teachers to understand each dimension of career in detail and collect the appropriate information. This detail will help the teachers to distinguish between what can be expected in different jobs and also between jobs within each occupational group. Keeping this in view, on Friday,28th Sep ’18 and Saturday, 29th Sep ‘2018, an impactful workshop was conducted on “Career Guidance” for teachers and counsellor of different CBSE schools of Gujarat at DPS ,Harni,VADODARA by CBSE renowned Resource people i.e. Mr. Firdose Kapadia (Chief Mentor iQue Foundation) and Ms. PoornimaMenon (Principal , AnandVidyaVihar) as our Resource Personnel.
They began the session with detailed explanation of the terms career and work. This was covered under the broad area of ‘Perspective Building on Career Guidance’. They further elaborated on the difference between Career Guidance and Career Counseling. This was an eye opener especially for all the participants as it helped them understand the distinction between the two. The facilitator conducted an activity on ‘Need Analysis’ during this session to make the participants aware of the importance of career guidance for students. They also informed the participants of various tools available for assessment of interest and aptitude of students towards difference career options. They also drew the attention of the participants towards the process of career development and pointed out four important areas of knowing oneself, exploring the options, getting focused and taking action. The discussion then went on towards factors influencing the career choices among students. Here, variables such as personal, social, environmental were said to play pivotal roles. The first part of the workshop concluded with another activity where the participants were supposed to talk about their own dreams career wise and if they could fulfill their dreams.
The second day of the workshop was activity based which involved a lot of interaction between the participants. They showed various movie clips where different professions were displayed followed by some group activities where all the participants were divided in groups and were asked to write all the knowledge they had about the careers, transacting career information through job fairs, career quizzes, panel discussions, field trips etc., performing nukkadnatak, role play and create bulletin boards on the careers that were given to them by the facilitator. The workshop concluded with imparting useful information about the role a teacher can play in provided career guidance to the students. The workshop was informative and the information was delivered in a way that the participants could relate with. The participants were provided with hand-outs that had useful information on career guidance and counseling. The sessions were interactive which helped in exchange of relevant information among the participants. The workshop was very fruitful. All the teachers paid heartfelt tribute to the school for facilitating their knowledge in the vast field of Career Guidance. The workshop was very informative, thought provoking and a grand success. All the teachers paid heartfelt tribute to the school for facilitating their knowledge in the vast field of Career Guidance.

Seminar on Potable Water Management

Water is necessary for the sustenance of human life. While the supply seems abundant, water is not a limitless resource, particularly the fresh potable water which is most necessary to human survival, without conservation efforts, this vital supply of water may be exhausted. With this objective, the Early Act Club conducted a Seminar on Potable Water Management for the students on 21 AUG 2018

Seminar on Rainwater Harvesting

The rapidly expanding world population twinned with the effects of climate change have put pressure on the world’s water resources which has resulted in water crisis across the country and the world at large.
To bring awareness among the youth, the Interact Club had conducted a Seminar on Rainwater Harvesting on 21st August 2018.

CBSE Workshop on ‘Life skills'

A Workshop on ‘Life skill’ was conducted by CBSE under their ‘CAPACITY BUILDING PROGRAMME at Smt. MCP Sanskar Vidya Bhavan on 25 June 2018. Total 71 teachers(including teachers from host school) from all over Gujarat attended the workshop . The resource persons Ms. Rekha Shah and Dr. Anubha Negi, master trainer at CBSE, assisted the teachers to create awareness on various concepts of Life Skills (Emotional skills, Thinking skills and social skills). The aim was to assimilate and appreciate the importance of Life Skills through Self Awareness, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Interpersonal relationship, Effective Communication, Empathy, Managing Emotions, and Dealing with Stress etc. It was a great learning experience for all the teachers. Each life skill was dealt with personal and day-to-day examples. And the teachers actively participated in it. The workshop was supported by PPT presentation. It was a great attempt to make teachers understand the importance of life skill that would help them immensely in their personal and professional life. The workshop concluded by certificate distribution to all the teachers participants.

Memory power magic

Seminar on Memory Power Magic was conducted for students of Std V- XII and their parents on 21st April by the expert trainer Sanjay Presswala which was followed by 6 days workshop for students.

The workshop focused on :
How to effectively use mnemonic techniques for rapid memorisation and recall.
Improve concentration, interest and observation.
Learn to store. information in long term memory.

Seminar on Health and Hygiene

Seminar on Health and Hygiene was held on 18th April by Abbott officials for Std VI to VIII. The objective of the seminar was to promote good hygiene habits such as right way of washing hands, brushing, etc. to keep away pathogens at bay.


Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s interactive session titled “Pariksha Par Charcha” was aired in all the schools in 16th February 2018.The students from STD VI TO STD XII and teachers along with the Principal listened to the speech and became a part of the historic event when ten crores students, teachers and parents listened to him enthusiastically. The prime minister's friendly demeanour, interesting anecdotes and his unique way of presenting serious messages coated with earthy humour ensured that the interaction stayed lively throughout the session.

His counsel to students was to focus on learning. Keep the student in one self alive forever. Pursue knowledge. Exams, results and marks — these are all by-products of that pursuit. If one works purely for marks, his true potential will never be fulfilled.

He stressed on the importance of de-focussing in order to focus and the need for children to take a break. He spoke of yoga and sports as means of de-stressing and relaxing.

This interaction with the students of the country was a remarkable exercise that would pave the way for creating a dialogue about making examinations stress-free and in the long run, inspire the makers of New India to discover their strengths and be the best that they can be.


On 12th oct17 a seminar on how to be a good student and score good marks in exams was organized by our school.
The resource person was Col. Yashwant Joshi an Arts graduate from Jawaharlal Nehru University & Post graduate in Defense studies, completed his doctorate in political science from M.S.University Vadodra.
He is a founder member of Unnat gram samaj nirman Kendra. He has developed and organized various youth development programs.
He believes that ‘ you cease to be a human when you cease to be a student’ and that is what he tried to convey to our students through his interaction with them. He gave few real life examples and could make the students understand the substance of life and the importance of education for them.


Members of Interact Club organised the workshop on Power of Desire for students of Std XI to XII to enable them lead a life full of desire and deal with the inner and outer constraints that block it.


Taxation Workshop was conducted by the Dept. of the Income Tax for the students of Class-9 to 12. In the workshop Income Tax officers acquainted the students with the basic norms of taxation and explain the functioning of recently introduced tax GST. The main purpose of the workshop was to motivate the students to be active and honest tax payer in future.


The guidance in self defense gives girls the means to develop high self-esteem and self-reliance .The Interact Club of the school has taken an initiative to organize the Self Defense Training for girls from Std VII to Std XII with an objective to establish a positive personal image and further promote confidence in them.
Mr. Anurag Dubey with his Team from Crime Intelligence Force conducted a resourceful session on Self Defense whereby the girls were acquainted with basic self defense skills that would be instrumental in bringing mammoth change in their perspective and would enable them to grow both emotionally and socially.


The workshop on effective methodology of teaching was conducting by Dr.M.P. Chhaya in the presence of Mrs. Chhaya and Shri Pushpa ben Patel on 17th June 2017. The workshop was started with the prayer “Tu pyar ka sagar hai”. Teachers were acquainted with different activities for children using pictures, objects and videos. Teachers were encouraged to use teaching aids and reference books. Teachers were also told to know the name and learning capacity of every students,they teach and appreciate the effort of students as and when required. The workshop focused on the doctrine of NCLB(no child left behind) and importance of dignity of labour. It was enriching experience for the fifteen teachers who attended the workshop.


As it very rightly means the rotary youth leadership awards was organized by the rotary club of Bharuch at MIPRIC sports center on 27th April where students from different schools of Bharuch had participated . There were many sessions including ‘Dare To Dream’, ‘Me & My Mobile’ , ‘Managing Change’ & ‘Overcoming Fear Of Examination’. Students of class IX & X had participated in the workshop & they came out with the winning note.

WORKSHOP AT BDMA: "Winning the Examination Battle"

A workshop for the students of Class – VIII,IX,X was organized by the school in association with the Bharuch District Management Association. On the 17th April - VIII,22nd April – IX & 27th April – X class respectively. The workshop emphasized on the topic : “Winning the Examination Battle”. The resource person was Mr.Apoorva Pandya. It turned out to be really beneficial for the students as it made them understand that success is difficult to achieve but not impossible at all.

Art Of Living Workshop

The art of living workshop was organised by Vyakti Vikas Kendra India, Bharuch. The facilitators were Ms Shreya Sonia and Ms Bhavani Thakor.

The objective of the program was to increase concentration, confidence and creativity. The values of life were taught to the children by playing games. How to respect elders, teachers and parents was taught through play way method.

3rd to 7th class students participated in this workshop.

Parents meeting with the facilitators took place on April 28th from 10:30 to 11:30 AM.

Every month follow up session will be done for art of living students & parents.

A Farm Trip

Field Trip connects school world with the outside world making it tangible and memorable. On 26.4.16 and 27.4.16 students of STD VIII and Std IX were taken to Agricultural Farm . The sole objective of organising this trip was to acquaint the students with the life of farmers who are an integral part of our society and inculcate the sense of gratitude in them for the primary sector of economy.

A farm trip to Attithi Resorts (farm house) was organised on 26th & 27th April. Children of VIII & IX standard participated in this trip.

The following activities were carried out at the site:

  • Plucking out the weed from the ground
  • Separating out dust & stones from Castor Seed
  • Removal of weeds from the ground with sickle
  • Accumulation of caster seed shells at one place
  • Children saw the cotton plants in bloom. Besides cotton, its seeds were also shown to them. They were told that these seeds are also used for making edible oil which is used in cooking of vegetables.

This trip was full of fun & children enjoyed it a lot. They also learnt how farmers work hard to provide food at our homes. They take six months to grow grains which we consume every day. The value students learnt was that we should not waste our food.

Students also realized that farmer has to work in his field in the scorching heat of summer, in rains in monsoon & in cold weather of winter. He has no holiday from it.

Scholastic Book Fair

Scholastic Book Fair was inaugurated by our Head girl Darshi Shah and headboy Jeet Shah on 29th April at 8 O’ clock. Books from lots of topics were displayed in fair, these included academic Books on different subjects, value based story books, puzzle books, drawing books and number of other subjects & topics.

Children were encouraged to browse through the books & make selections if they wanted to purchase some of these.

Different periods were allotted to different classes to visit the fair. On April 30th, parents were invited to visit the fair so that they too would browse through the books and make purchase for their kids.

The fair was run very smoothly and there was enthusiastic participation by students, teachers & parents

International Yoga Day

In an endeavour to participate actively in the International Yoga Day the school organized Yoga Sessions for all the students on 21st June 2016. The students were acquainted with the importance of Yoga. They were explained that yoga aids in maintaining not only physical and mental fitness but also a healthy social existence.

The students were taught various Aasanas starting with warming up and stretching followed by the series of Padmasana - Paschimottasans – Pawan Muktasana - Vajrasana – Dhanurasana – Chakrasana – Sarvangasana – Halasana – Bhujangasana and ending with Shavasana.

After Asanas session students were also taught the Pranayama – For Longevity

Seminar On Composite PIT Reduce,Recycle,Reuse(23/7/16)

The need of an hour is to ensure clean and healthy environment to the society. This was seriously worked upon by the members of Interact Club who organized the workshop on REDUCE, RECYCLE, REUSE. In the workshop eminent Rotarians acquainted students with the importance of clean environment and demonstrated them the way to make bio compost.

Compost pit was dug and kitchen waste and garden waste from School was dumped there by the students. Students were also asked to discard their Tiffin waste along with paper and pencil waste in the pit. The compost thus made will be used in maintaining school‘s garden.

Dramatics For STD VI & VII

Drama encompasses a number of concepts like acting, imagination, creativity, accent, voice modulation and gestation which is composite form of child centered education. It provides an environment in which each child has sense of pride of his or her contribution towards achieving a common goal. We leave no stone unturned to make sure that innate potential of each and every student is harnessed in the best possible way. Our Annual Functions provide platform to all the students to showcase their talent. Dramatics was this year’s Annual Performance assigned to Std VI and VII whereby students performed Dramas on varied themes ranging from classical to modern. Dramas staged were- Mother’s day, Dear Departed, Merchant of Venice, Christmas Carol, How I taught my grandmother to read and Bishop’s Candlestick.The audience was enthralled to see the acting skill of the students.

Workshop On Warship of Inadian NAVY

Students of 10th A and B visited Adani Port, Dahej on Dec9th 2016 to see INS- MYSORE, a warship of Indian Navy .They were escorted there by their class teacher, Miss Jayshree Gohil.

This class of ship are called Destroyer. It was made in 1999 and was imported from Russia. It is approximately 168m long and 17.5m broad.

Navy officials took the children aboard the ship and showed them the missile launchers, torpedoes and radars.

Children posed several questions; these were eagerly replied to by the Navy officials.

Students were excited to see the warship and some of them dreamt of joining Indian Navy after visiting the warship workshop.

Awareness Drives Road Show

A social awareness Road Show was jointly organised by Shrimati Maniba Chunilal Patel Sanskar Vidya Bhavan and J.B Mody Vidyalaya on 21st January,2017, Saturday. Mr. Sandeep Singh, DSP – Bharuch flagged off the rally at 7:30 a.m.The benign presence of Ms. Anita Vanani Dy.SP gave motivational start to our self awareness mission.

The campaign was held to create awareness about Environmental Conservation, need to Avoid Wastage of Food, Cleanliness and need of Self Defense among people .Over 3oo students took part in the rally with the teachers through the main avenues of Bharuch town covering Zadeshwar Road, Makhtampur Road, Kasak, Station Road and Civil hospital Road. Students raised slogans, held placards with the messages, organised talk show, staged street play and demonstrated self defense feats as they moved around in the city with motivational and theme based tableaux.

The procession culminated at the Collector’s Office with handing over the resolution to Mr. Sandeep Sagale (Collector – Bharuch)

Medicla Checkup

Second round of General medical check was done by the Government officials on 18th January for classes 1to 10th. It was done in our medical room by the doctors mentioned below.

Dr. Megha .M. Nariya (Medical officer)
Dr. Chitag .D. Patel ( MPHW .SHUKULATIRTH PHC)
Dr. Kailash Patel (M.B.B.S)

Workshop For Effective Communication Skills By - Mr.Maulik Soni for Staff

RYLA workshop conducted by Rotary Club ,Rajpipla
THEME- “DEVELOPING LEADERSHIP SKILLS” attended by Interact Club students
ISHIKA SAIJWAL-Level-1 - 4thin Badminton & 1st in Quiz
Overall RYLA-4th Position
2nd in Overall RYLA
2ND in Badminton

Students Enjoying Water Show During Khel Mahakumbh







BY MRS. NIKKI .H. MEHTA (Administrator SMCP.SVB)


SPEAKER :- Ms. Shaifali Bhatle (Manager: ICICI BANK,Baroda ) & Ms. Srishti Sinha
( Manager: ICICI BANK,Bharuch)

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