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Leave and Absence
1. No Student will be permitted to be absent from school even for a single day without prior permission of the School authority.

2. Minimum of 75% attendance is compulsory.However, in case of illness or other unavoidable circumstances where previous permission could not be obtained then an application signed by the parent or guardian assigning valid reason for the student’s absence must be produced immediately.

3. Students are required to be regular in attending school & submission of class & home assignments in each subject. Students shall not be certified for examination if their progress,conduct & attendance are not satisfactory.

4. A student will not be allowed to leave the school for a part of the day unless; he/she produces an application signed by the guardian giving a valid reason.The school authority will then decide whether to grant the leave or not.

5. Not more than 2 ½ leaves will be granted in an academic year.

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